After creating your Tenant, you can now create your first Property for your company.

When you initially log in, the MyWordPress page will be blank–click on the Create Property button:

Specify your Reseller property information (which will be automatically filled in when you enable the Primary Property toggle in the upper right-hand corner using information from your Tenant):

Only enable the Primary Property toggle if the property you are creating is designated as a Reseller-owned or Agency-owned property.

After creating your property, it will show up in the left-hand menu, which you can select to create your Domain, Sites, Emails, and Products:


The red error message you see on the Products tab means you have not yet onboarded your company into Stripe so you can send and receive payments. You can view more info about the Onboarding and Payment process by reviewing the Getting Paid chapter.

Next Steps

You can create other properties for other clients by clicking on the Create Property floating button below the main part of the content: