Email Accounts


An Email Account on your Client properties allows you to create an account for them so they can send and receive emails using a platform-managed ( Google Workspace account.

To create emails, first configure the domain you would like to send and receive emails from, and then add accounts under the Emails tab.

Google Workspace email accounts are only available for Domains managed by the platform.

Enable Domain

To enable email accounts for your client property, log in and click on their property and then click on the Domains tab:

Edit the domain, and toggle the switch Enable Email, and save your changes:

The system will perform the following steps:

  • Remove any existing MX records for the domain, if they exist.
  • Setup new MX records that point to Google Workspace account (managed by
  • Attempt to verify the domain with Google, which can take up to 24 hours. will attempt Google Domain verification every 1 hour. It can take quite some time (24-48h) to enable and verify the domain with Google Workspace. If you notice the domain is NOT verified after 24 hours, please contact us via our Contact Form, and we will be happy to take a look.


Once the domain is verified, you can now click on the Emails tab and add an email:

You can only create email accounts AFTER the domain is verified by Google Workspace.

Fill out the information for the user, and click Add:

After saving the account, it will now show up in your Emails tab (depending on which Domain you have selected):

An initial password will be created for the user, which you can view in the list of users. Send that temporary password and login instructions to your user. After they log in the first-time, Google Workspace will prompt the user to change their password, and the temporary password will no longer work.

Reset Password

If a user loses access to their account, you can reset their password by clicking Reset Password for their email account. A new temporary password will be generated for them, which you can then send to the user.

Alternatively, the user can also follow the Google Recovery steps and recover their account using the email and/or phone number they provided to you when you initially created the account.


When deleting an email account, this operation is irreversible. All data for the users account will be DESTROYED PERMANENTLY. Before deleting the account, verify with the user that they have downloaded their data locally.