Site Clone


Site Clone allows you to “instantly” clone an existing site to a new one as an exact point-in-time copy. This mechanism is supported for WordPress and Moodle sites.


While we use the term “instant”, technically the process is two steps, which minimizes downtime:

  • We first perform a full “hot backup” of the site to storage. This occurs while the site is online and receiving requests, and poses minimal performance degradation.
  • Once that initial full “hot backup” is completed:
    • We temporarily stop the site
    • Perform an incremental backup
    • Re-start the site
    • Restore a new site from the previous backup
  • Because of this process, all the time spent during the full “hot backup” is performed while the site is still available and running, accessible to users, minimizing any perceived downtime by your users.
  • The incremental backup takes (typically) < 5 minutes, depending on how much data has changed since the full “hot backup” was run.