A Product is something you sell to your clients which has Prices associated with it.

Typically, a Product represents some type of service you have provided to your client. Some examples may be:

  • Web Hosting - Your clients have websites that you must keep up-to-date and running, Web Hosting may be a monthly or yearly cost associated with you running the site.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Often called “SEO”, this may be a one-time (or recurring) fee you send to your customer for work you have performed on their website to aid in SEO.
  • Website Design - A one-time fee used for designing (or re-designing) a website for your user.

Building your product catalog is largely up to you, but here are some guidelines:

  • Keep your product and price lists small and manageable, ideally < 20
  • You can combine things to make your offers more attractive to users, e.g.: Web Design + 1 Year hosting

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