The FileManager enables web browser and SFTP access to the filesystem of a site. It allows you to upload, delete, download, and otherwise manage files and plugins for a site. Once enabled, you use the existing site administrator credentials to log in to the FileManager (either Web or SFTP).


We DO NOT recommend leaving FileManager access enabled permanently as it could expose your site data to external users inadvertently, if your site administration credentials are lost or stolen.

In order to enable FileManager, first edit the Site, and enable the FileManager checkbox and click Save:

Once saved, you will see some additional information about your site, including a Web URL and SFTP hostname and port for accessing the FileManager. Note that you must use the username and password from the Credentials section to log in to the FileManager (Web or SFTP).

Sometimes it can take a minute or two for the FileManager to become fully ready for both Web and SFTP access.

FileManager - Web

Once you click on the URL to access the FileManager Web interface, you will be presented with a login screen. Fille out the Username, Password, and click Login:

After logging in, you will be presented with a FileManager browser that allows you to download, upload, delete, and modify files for the site:

FileManager - SFTP

For the example below, I am using FileZilla as my SFTP client–any standard SFTP client will do. First, click on the Site Manager button in the upper left-hand corner to add a new connection:

Click on New Site, and change the following settings:

  • Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • Host: (from your site in
  • Port: 40051 (from your site in
  • Logon Type: Normal
  • Username: administrator (from your site in
  • Password: <...> (from your site in

Once all information is specified, click Connect to save and connect to the site using SFTP.

You may get an SFTP host key warning when you connect–this is normal, and you can safely click OK:

Once logged in, you will see site files in the right-hand Remote Site window, and your local files in the left-hand Local site window. You can easily drag and drop files to upload, download, etc. files for your site:

Disable FileManager

Once you are done managing files, do not forget to edit the Site and disable the FileManager and click Save: