Custom Dns


Custom DNS, commonly referred to as self-managed DNS is when you are already managing your own DNS records outside of the scope of using a third-party DNS management system. This can be useful if you already have a lot of DNS records that you are managing for a particular domain and do not want to deal with migrating DNS to before you can setup Production-ready Sites.

The downside of this approach is that you must do extra steps to ensure configuration records (DNS, Certificate) are setup correctly for sites.

When specifying your site, you can put any hostname in for the Primary Hostname, or Alias Hostname fields, and the will verify you have DNS setup correctly for that site (Certificate Validation DNS records, as well as DNS records pointing the hostname(s) to the site).

After creating the site, there will be a new Custom DNS Records button on the site entry that will provide information about hostname and Certificate Verification DNS records (if required).

If you enable Production and Custom DNS, you will also need to setup Certificate Verification DNS records. Information about those DNS records are also available in the dialog after you click the Custom DNS Records button.

After clicking the button, you are presented with errors and information about how to configure DNS for the new site.