In order to pay for services used at (matter if you are a Reseller or Agency), you will need to setup a card payment during the checkout process, which will also be used for future payments.


You can review pricing tiers and requirements on the website.

Fees does not take any additional transaction fees when paying for services rendered for the previous month. For more information, review the fees section in Getting Paid.


To review your pending invoices, click on the left-hand Invoices menu item and expand the row to review detailed information about the Invoice including amount and service breakdowns.

To make a payment, click on the Make Payment button, which will begin the checkout process:

You will now begin the Stripe checkout process, which you must complete in order to mark the invoice as paid (not shown):

Once you fill out your information, click on the Pay button to process payment. Once processed, you will land back on the Invoices page, with the Invoice marked as Paid: