Payment Requests


A Payment Request is a request to remit payment from your Client for services rendered, and is how you get paid by the platform. You can bill for one-time products (Search Engine Optimization, website redesign, etc.) or recurring items like web hosting. Payment Requests use Products and Prices you have previously created in your Reseller or Agency property.

You will be unable to create any Products, Prices, or Payment Requests until you complete the Stripe Getting Paid chapter.


To create and send a new Payment Request to a property owner, log in and click on the Property you would like to request payment from, followed by the Request Payment tab.

For this example, we will be creating a one-time Payment Request for Search Engine Optimization product. Click on the + One-Time Payment Request button, and fill out the information for the request:

  • Reseller - Your reseller property where the Product is located you would like to request payment for.
  • Product - The product price you are associating with the request.
  • Quantity - The quantity the client is purchasing, typically 1.

When specifying a One Time payment request, you may add up to 10 individual product/prices to the payment request. For Recurring payments, you may add a SINGLE product/price to the payment request.

From here, you can send an email directly to the property owner or copy the payment URL to your clipboard and send it to them directly to request payment.

Make Payment

When a user processes your payment link, they browse to the URL, and are presented with a screen like this:

Because we are testing a One-Time Payment Request, the user puts in their information and clicks Pay to submit payment for the services rendered by you.