You can view information about your Stripe account (balance, processing delay, payout schedule, etc.) by browsing to your Account details. You can also log in to your personalized Stripe dashboard to review more detailed information.

If you were unable to complete the Stripe Onboarding process the first time, you can also browse to the location referenced below, and click on the link to complete onboarding. Once completed successfully, the link will change to Dashboard, and allow you view your Stripe dashboard.

Account Information

Browse to your account information by selecting the user icon in the upper right-hand corner, and clicking Account:

Stripe Dashboard

To log in to your Stripe Dashboard, click on the Dashboard link which will open a new window for your Connected Account in Stripe.

You can review detailed information about your Stripe account (connected bank accounts or debit cards, etc.) by clicking the user-icon in the upper right-hand corner, followed by one of the sections below:

  • Payout details
  • Linked external accounts
  • Platform settings